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Polyvinyl alcohol market supply and demand gradually become balanced

Polyvinyl alcohol market supply and demand gradually become balanced
April 26, 2024

This week, domestic polyvinyl alcohol prices rose steadily. As of now, on April 23, the benchmark price of polyvinyl alcohol is ¥12266.67/t, which is an increase of 0.27% compared with last week (¥12233.00/t). During the week, the polyvinyl alcohol market was dominated by rigid demand transactions, with average export support. Dealers offered more profits for shipments, and midstream and downstream merchants remained cautious.


Supply side:

The vinyl acetate market price fluctuated and fell this week. Currently, the price of acetic acid, the raw material of vinyl acetate, continues to rise. As of April 22, the benchmark price of acetic acid in Business Society is ¥3,450.00/t, which is an increase of 11.29% compared with the beginning of this month (¥3,100.00/t). In the last 10 It rose 6.15% in one day, 10.40% in 15 days, 11.29% in 20 days, and 15.00% in 30 days. The domestic vinyl acetate market price remained stable during the week, with the price range remaining at around ¥6,343/t.


Demand side:

Judging from the domestic demand for polyvinyl alcohol, polymerization aids, fabric slurries, adhesives, vinylon fibers, paper slurries and coatings, and architectural coatings products are relatively weak in raw material consumption. Enterprises mainly purchase by order, and the accumulation of raw material inventory is limited. . Production is coming to an end, the demand for raw materials has weakened, and there is no good news for other terminal companies. There will be a small profit margin for polyvinyl alcohol prices in the later period.


On the whole: supply-side support is average, price support sentiment still exists, price-keeping is the main focus, and the mentality of stockholders is acceptable. Most downstream users continue to purchase on demand, and it is expected that the price of polyvinyl alcohol market negotiations will stabilize in the near future.

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