Epoxy resin modification method of polyvinyl alcohol

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Epoxy resin modification method of polyvinyl alcohol

Epoxy resin modification method of polyvinyl alcohol
June 10, 2020

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) contains a large number of hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, which exhibit strong affinity for water during external drying and wetting changes. The use of epoxy resin, with high bonding strength and good stability, as a modifier for PVA is mainly because the epoxy groups in the epoxy resin can react with the hydroxyl groups in PVA to form ethers.

To carry out the epoxy resin modification method of PVA, measure the required amounts of PVA and water and add them separately to three-necked flasks equipped with stirring and reflux devices. Start stirring and raise the temperature to 90°C, maintaining the reaction for 1 hour to obtain a PVA aqueous solution of a certain concentration. Cool it to 70°C, increase the stirring speed, and add a specific amount of epoxy resin to the glue solution. Maintain the reaction at this temperature for 2 hours to obtain epoxy resin-modified PVA.


Through orthogonal experiments, it has been determined that the optimal reaction conditions for PVA modification are a PVA concentration of 8%, modification time of 2 hours, epoxy resin addition of 2.4% (mass fraction), and modification temperature of 60°C. Under these conditions, the modified PVA exhibits excellent performance in terms of curing degree, which reaches 89.6%, significantly higher than the curing degree of unmodified PVA, which is 64.5%.


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