The role of polyvinyl alcohol in cosmetics

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The role of polyvinyl alcohol in cosmetics

The role of polyvinyl alcohol in cosmetics
September 22, 2020

PVA in cosmetics


Polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) plays several important roles in cosmetics, including:


Moisturizing effect. Pva absorbs moisture from the air to help keep skin hydrated and avoid dryness.


Lubricant. It reduces the friction between cosmetics and the skin, making cosmetics easier to apply.


Thickening agent. PVA can increase the viscosity of cosmetics, making it easier to adhere to the skin and extend the action time of cosmetics.


Emulsifier. The oily and water-based ingredients in cosmetics are effectively mixed together to form an emulsion-like product.


PVA also has a certain purification effect, can effectively clean the skin, while promoting the absorption of other beneficial ingredients, increase the permeability and effect of cosmetics. Pva is also used as a binder in cosmetics to help maintain product stability and extend shelf life. In general, the application of PVA in cosmetics aims to provide multiple effects such as moisturizing, lubricating, thickening, emulsifying and purifying, making cosmetics more suitable for skin use, while extending the service life of products.



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