Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) in films

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Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) in films

Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) in films
August 08, 2020

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) has various applications in the film industry. Here are some of the common applications of PVA in films:


1. Water-soluble film: PVA can be used to produce water-soluble films that are used for packaging various products such as detergents, agrochemicals, and personal care products. These films dissolve in water, providing convenience and reducing waste.


2. Food packaging film: PVA can be used as a coating or component in food packaging films. It provides excellent oxygen barrier properties, moisture resistance, and aroma retention, helping to extend the shelf life of food products.


3. Biodegradable film: PVA can be used to produce biodegradable films that are environmentally friendly. These films can replace traditional plastic films in applications such as mulch films, agricultural films, and compostable packaging materials.


4. Drug delivery films: PVA films can be used as drug delivery systems in the pharmaceutical industry. These films can be loaded with active pharmaceutical ingredients and used for transdermal patches, oral dissolvable films, or other drug delivery applications.


5. Optical film: PVA can be used in the production of optical films for applications such as LCD displays and optical lenses. These films provide excellent optical clarity, high transparency, and low birefringence.


6. Photographic film: PVA has been widely used in the production of photographic films. It acts as a binder and protective coating, ensuring adhesion of the photo emulsion to the film base and providing surface protection.


Overall, PVA has versatile properties that make it suitable for a wide range of film applications, including water-soluble films, food packaging films, biodegradable films, drug delivery films, optical films, and photographic films.



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