What are the applications of PVA in agriculture?

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What are the applications of PVA in agriculture?

What are the applications of PVA in agriculture?
August 20, 2020


Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) has several applications in agriculture, including:


1. Seed coating: PVA can be used as a seed coating material to enhance germination, improve seedling growth, and provide protection against pests and diseases.


2. Soil stabilizer: PVA can be added to soil to improve its structure and stability, especially in erosion-prone areas. It helps reduce soil erosion, increase water retention, and enhance soil fertility.


3. Mulching film: PVA films can be used as mulching materials to cover the soil around plants. This helps to conserve moisture, control weed growth, and maintain stable soil temperatures, leading to improved plant growth and higher crop yields.


4. Slow-release fertilizers: PVA can be incorporated into fertilizer formulations to create slow-release or controlled-release fertilizers. This allows nutrients to be released gradually over time, providing sustained nutrition to plants and minimizing nutrient leaching.


5. Crop protection: PVA can be used as a component in biodegradable agricultural films for crop protection purposes. These films can be used for insect barriers, weed control, and microbial resistance, reducing the reliance on conventional plastic films.


6. Hydrogel applications: PVA hydrogels have been utilized in agriculture for various purposes, such as water retention in drought-prone areas, as carriers for controlled release of agrochemicals, and as bio-based materials for seed germination and plant growth.


These applications demonstrate the versatility of PVA in agriculture, providing solutions for improving plant growth, conserving resources, and promoting sustainable farming practices.


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