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What is concrete with PVA fiber

What is concrete with PVA fiber
April 02, 2020

Concrete with PVA fiber refers to a type of concrete mixture that incorporates polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers into its composition. PVA fibers are synthetic fibers made from polyvinyl alcohol polymer. When added to concrete, these fibers enhance its strength, durability, and crack resistance.


The presence of PVA fibers in concrete helps to distribute stress more evenly throughout the material, reducing the formation and propagation of cracks. These fibers act as reinforcement, improving the tensile strength and impact resistance of the concrete. Additionally, PVA fibers improve the durability of concrete by reducing shrinkage and controlling the formation of microcracks.


The use of PVA fiber in concrete is beneficial in various applications, especially in areas where concrete structures are subjected to heavy loads, thermal stresses, and environmental factors. It finds application in industrial floors, bridge decks, pavements, precast elements, shotcrete, and other demanding construction projects.


Overall, concrete with PVA fiber offers enhanced mechanical properties, improved crack control, and increased durability, making it a favorable choice in demanding construction applications.


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