Nano-silica modification of polyvinyl alcohol

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Nano-silica modification of polyvinyl alcohol

Nano-silica modification of polyvinyl alcohol
July 02, 2020

By adding nanoscale reinforcements to the composite matrix, the mechanical properties of the composite (such as strength, stiffness, elastic modulus, etc.) can be significantly improved. The polyvinyl alcohol adhesive modified with nano-silica particles is non-toxic and pollution-free. It will be widely used and is worthy of systematic research.


Current research on the modification of nanoparticles mainly focuses on the following two aspects: one is to use silica as the base, modify its surface with a modifier, and then graft the polymer; the other is to use the polymer as the base, and then graft it. branch modifier, and then graft silica. To modify nanosilica, it is generally dispersed in an organic solvent and then a modifier is added.


Introducing inorganic nanoparticles into the adhesive for modification can improve its tensile bonding strength and elongation at break. When the dosage of nanoparticles is within a certain range, the nanoparticles can be well dispersed into the adhesive matrix. Because of their huge specific surface area, they can interact strongly with the adhesive matrix, thus improving the mechanical properties of the adhesive. However, if the dosage exceeds a certain range, serious agglomeration will occur, the particle interface area will be reduced, the interaction between the nanoparticles and the adhesive matrix will also be weakened, and the content of reactive nanoparticles will be reduced, resulting in a reduction in its mechanical properties. . The mechanical property test results of the nano-modified adhesive show that when the dosage of nano-silica particles is 4%, the various performance indicators of the modified adhesive reach the maximum value.



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