Why is PVA so strong?

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Why is PVA so strong?

Why is PVA so strong?
March 30, 2020

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA is known for its due to its unique molecular structure and intermolecular interactions. are a few reasons why PVA exhibits strong properties1. Polymer Chain: PVA is linear polymer of repeating units of vinyl (CH2CHO). The hydroxyl groups (-OH present in the polymer chain contribute to hydrogen bonding, which enhances intermolecular interactions and strengthens the material.


Crystallinity: PVA can form crystalline regions within its structure, which adds to its strength. The degree of crystallinity can be controlled through factors such as molecular weight, polymerization process, and solvent conditions.


Crosslinking: PVA can be crosslinked through chemical or physical processes. Crosslinking creates additional covalent bonds between polymer chains, resulting in a three-dimensional network structure that enhances the material's mechanical strength and stability.


Water Accessibility: PVA is highly soluble in water, allowing water molecules to penetrate the polymer matrix. Water acts as a plasticizer and lubricant, improving the mobility of polymer chains and enhancing its overall toughness and flexibility.


High Molecular Weight: PVA with higher molecular weight generally exhibits better mechanical properties, including tensile strength and impact resistance. The long polymer chains provide entanglement and structural integrity, contributing to its overall strength.


Overall, the combination of hydrogen bonding, crystallinity, crosslinking, water accessibility, and molecular weight contributes to the exceptional strength of PVA. These properties make it a versatile material widely used in various industries, including adhesives, coatings, films, and textiles.


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